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Why does Speechify not work on the webpage I am on?
Why does Speechify not work on the webpage I am on?

Learn more on how you can make Speechify work on your website

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Speechify generally reads open-access files or webpages - meaning files or webpages that aren't password protected or behind a login.

There are other several factors why it won't read files- i.e. file format, file size, device issues, memory, internet connection, own text to speech system, website firewall and etc.

For some reason, if Speechify is unable to start reading on your webpage using the 'Listen' button, try to start the player using the 'Highlight and Play' feature:

  • Click on 'Report Broken Site'

how to report broken site on speechify
tips for fixing a broken site on Speechify

A new feature we have is 'Listen with Screenshot', when you click on report site it will give you something like below.

Another way to pull up this feature is from the Settings icon of our Chrome Extension player.

If in case, it still doesn't work, click on the 'Report Site' above the player and we will try and add support for this site soon.

For any issues, reach out to us via Support or send us a message at [email protected]! :)

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