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How do I cancel my Premium Subscription on iOS?
How do I cancel my Premium Subscription on iOS?

Learn how to cancel or unsubscribe to Speechify Premium

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  1. Log into your Speechify account to find which subscription payment option you used to upgrade. Our app recognizes and retains the original method of signing in for your account. Please sign in with the same email address you initially registered with Speechify.

  2. Then follow the specific cancellation instructions for each payment option below.

How to cancel a Stripe subscription

Most likely the right option if you paid with a credit card

Log in to and cancel through your Speechify account settings.

Here’s how (the demo is showing an email and password sign-in method):

Please note:

Premium is an annual subscription.

Canceling your subscription will only cancel your next upcoming charge and any future charges (not previous charges).

Canceling before your free trial ends will prevent any future charges.

After you cancel, you'll keep Speechify Premium features until your next billing date. If you're on a free trial, you'll keep Premium features until your trial period is over.

If you have another cancellation issue or change your mind:

Contact us at [email protected]

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