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How to use playback controls, listen from specific places, and highlight

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With Speechify, you can quickly power through docs, articles, PDFs — anything you normally read. Here’s a quick overview of our listening features.

Playback controls

  • Tap the Play icon ▶ to begin listening

  • Tap the rewind icon to go back 3 seconds. Keep tapping to go back further.

  • Tap the forward icon to go ahead 3 seconds. Keep tapping to skip ahead further.

  • Tap the Play icon ▶ to pause/listen to the document again

Start listening from a specific word, line, or paragraph

To go back to something you missed or skip ahead, scroll up or down to move around the listening document. Then, tap the word you want to start from and Speechify starts reading there.

Word highlighting

Speechify highlights lines and words as it reads to help you follow along on the page as you listen. It’s a great way to improve focus and retention while reading for school, work, or fun.

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