Speechify's Safari extension makes listening to websites on iOS super easy.

Enable the extension

  1. Download Speechify from the App Store

  2. Open Safari and navigate to a website

  3. Tap aA to the left of the address bar

  4. Tap Manage Extensions

  5. Turn Speechify on

  6. Tap Review

  7. Tap Always Allow, then Always Allow on Every website

  8. Tap Sign up or sign in.

    If you don’t already have a Speechify account, creating one lets you save articles and sync your library on mobile and desktop. If you don’t already have the free Chrome extension, get it here.

Listen with the extension

  1. From your Safari browser, navigate to a page you'd like to hear

  2. Tap the blue play/pause button to listen. To skip ahead, scroll down and tap where you'd like to listen from

  3. If you don't automatically see the blue play/pause button, tap aA. Then tap Speechify to launch the player

  4. Tap the person icon to change your voice, or tap the current speed to select a different listening speed

  5. Tap the bookmark to save to your library. Anything you save will automatically appear in your library, which you can access on the iOS app, Chrome extension, or web app

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